HM: what’s your ultimate doll dream?

HM: what’s your ultimate doll dream?

IE: My ultimate doll dream is become impossibly pretty. Perfect locks, perfect human anatomy, perfect but adaptable character, healthier life style, perfect garments, little face, doe-like eyes, small nose, etc.

October 2017. Image thanks to Insanity’s Equilibrium.

Finally We contacted Kiya K., also CinnaDolly, Residing Doll. “Kiya lives in Southern Ca, where CinnaDolly brings together Kiya’s curiosity about Lolita tradition, human anatomy modification, lifestyle fashion, and BDSM. Kiya has embraced her passion if you are residing art since a teenager, whenever dial-up modems remained brand new and there clearly was no internet. Today, Kiya everyday lives and explores environments that are surreal self-assigned tasks to go deeper into sparkly territory.

Kiya K: Dollification if you ask me means the generating of someone as a doll, mainly within an visual means, but additionally there clearly was this going to the mindset of the doll,

Too, while the playing away from situations through roleplaying too. Roleplaying is actually done in pairs, though those who identify as ‘living dolls’ undoubtedly meet up just to occur, though that’s maybe maybe not so much what dollification implies; dollification often identifies the becoming or making another turn into a doll or behave like a doll with kink overtones or implications.

HM: what sort of doll do you realy like being?

KK: i believe for virtually any doll, there is certainly a various doll to be. Dolls are diverse. Dolls are multifaceted. Dolls evolve. They be seemingly more available to growing and changing than a lot of the people. I’m not really sure to understand how to start to resolve issue.

Like chocolate hot fudge over ice cream with a maraschino cherry on top – yummmm if you mean stylistically, being a doll and an abiding interest in Lolita and Harajuku4 -inspired, over-the-top, and queer femme influenced style go together for me. I will elaborate: Lolita fashion talks if you ask me as a mode that is about pursuing ideals of design, femininity, and beauty that draws on a diverse array of impacts. A number of the fashion and exactly how it really is documented may project pretty much sexiness, however it’s absolutely about pressing boundaries for me personally.

One other way to resolve the question: I’m a switchy, delicate, compassionate, often dominating, often submissive, frequently receptive, often powerful, often delicate doll with a powerful feeling of by herself. You’ll not look for a compliant replicant over here. I will be adept at an array of abilities and methods, both to generate and get of solution to those that I deem safe for me personally to allow my guard down around.

HM: Has this changed with time?

KK: There is certainly an development. Additionally, the social individuals who i will be a doll with impact exactly just how this unfolds. Sorry we don’t have significantly more details right here.

HM: would you remember exactly how it began for you personally?

KK: we dated a person who often recognized as a doll. I was introduced by her to Lolita fashion too. The two of us involved with dollification roleplaying. Then, maybe maybe maybe not long after, we dated another person who had been into dollification, too. It’s a pretty thing that is common now, within my relationships. I would personallyn’t be amazed if We mostly date people that are into some aspect or even the other of dollifcation for the remainder of my entire life.

It’s very liberating to become a doll, to look at this mind-set and live into this role- play to be an even more creation that is perfect.

HM: Is it something you are doing along with other individuals now? Do an‘owner is had by you’ or even other dolls?

KK: Yeah, when I stated, there is certainly defnitely a residential area of men and women, some into more the fashion and aspect that is lifestyle of, plus some people that are more to the roleplaying and energy trade aspects that draw upon and enact kink / BDSM techniques. It’s about living in an elevated framework of understanding and presence, i believe.

We don’t have an owner, but I’m open to using an owner, 1 day. I’m also open to buying other dolls, yes. Located in a doll house or apartment with other dolls is the most useful.

HM: Can the process is described by you of the manner in which you transform right into a doll?

KK: i will be constantly a doll.

HM: Something I’m specially thinking about is how an individual might replace the method they move and act actually if they are doll. Like, can you be nevertheless or as an example?

KK: No. Possibly some individuals do that, but also for me personally, being a residing doll is about being just like a replicant from Blade Runner. I’m self- mindful, We have emotions and ideas. We worry being deterred completely, 1 day.

HM: and it is here an unusual state that is mental you might be a doll? What’s that like?

KK: Well, sure, nonetheless it is dependent upon the social people I’m with, the environment.

HM: what’s the benefit of being a doll?

KK: I’ve pointed out a couple of things: It’s very liberating to be always a doll, to consider the mind-set and live into role-play to be an even more perfect creation. Then there’s the facet of changing my own body to be a much better doll. I will be increasing funds to have facial plastic cosmetic surgery, breast augmentation, plus some liposuction and fat grafting, along with potentially modification to my vocals and bone tissue size reduction, given that technology arrives and will be properly implemented. I’ll be getting my ears pointed by Samppa von Cyborg in April in European countries. This can be most likely where I’m somewhat different than a number of the Lolitas and much more just like the #plasticfantastic bimbofication audience. Also myself aspiring to bimbofy myself, here our interests overlap in plastic surgery and body modification though I don’t completely consider.

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